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Uganda: Medical Regulatory Bodies Urge Adopting External Examinations for Medical Graduates

Representatives of medical regulatory bodies in Uganda are calling for the introduction of mandatory graduation examinations, conducted by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council, for all Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery graduates who intend to practice in Uganda to ensure that medical doctors are adequately trained.  Uganda’s medical universities are graduating growing numbers of medical graduates, many of them allegedly unqualified to practice medicine. The East African Medical and Dental Practitioners Councils of medical schools in the East African Community (EAC) found in 2016 that most medical schools lacked basic infrastructure for training, adequate staffing teaching materials and curricula. The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda is already conducting pre-internship tests to audit the quality of graduate prior to licensure, while the Uganda Nurses and Midwives has recently devised a draft strategy for introducing exit examinations following the refusal of the Council to license 1,000 nursing graduates, mostly from private institutions, last year. According to the Council, the students had been admitted into study programs without adequate academic qualifications.